Megan Burtt

I found you on RWRS and you're amazing. I use twitter most but your last tweet referenced fan bridge and I couldn't follow. I'm @CBlueMusic on twitter and hope to talk to you there. I can help share your videos with other musicians and music lovers and that's what it's all about, eh? If you're ever in New Mexico I will help out with fliers etc. your "suspicious" song is the first out of my many likes on RWRS vids that I actually had to replay twice b/c it was stuck in my head In a good way. Great song. I always want to know such things about my own songs so I searched out a way to share this with you. Sorry about the weird hour just post- gig jitters I played out after a 7 month hiatus tonight. It went well and I've been watching/listening to other peoples songs ever since :)

Megan Burtt responded on 12/12/2014

Thanks for the message and taking time to find me! RWRS has been a fun and challenging project for me. You can also find me here: Best wishes and happy holidays to you!

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